Peter Drucker – my overdue exploration of his works

I love reading.  I also love collecting books.  Over the last few decades I have – as space and my wonderful wife have allowed – collected many hundreds of fine non-fiction books.

I intend going to the 5th Global Drucker Forum 2013 in Vienna in

Peter Drucker dies at 95
Peter Drucker dies at 95 (Photo credit: IsaacMao)

November.  In anticipation I went and did a quick scan through my library and found the following Drucker books I own:

  1. 1946: Concept of the Corporation (1972 edition)
  2. 1970: Technology, Management and Society (1970 edition)
  3. 1971: The New Markets and Other Essays (1971 edition)
  4. 1973: Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices (1977 edition)
  5. 1980: Managing in Turbulent Times
  6. 1985: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  7. 1999: Management Challenges for 21st Century
  8. 2004: The Daily Drucker
  9. 2006 (posthumous): Classic Drucker (from Harvard Business School Press)

It reminds me that I have fallen a bit behind on this section of my library…but that will also provide opportunities for me to reflect and share some of the great thinker’s insights on this new blog!

I intend to make good on this desire over the next month or two.

Wish me happy reading.


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